8 Practical Tips for EMF Protection While Traveling

Air travel exposes us to various forms of electro stress. These include cosmic radiation and EMFs emitted by airplanes themselves.

Typically, exposure decreases as distance from the source increases. Keeping devices away from you during flights and sleeping in the back of the plane will help minimize your EMF exposure.

1. Take a Shielding Blanket

A shielding blanket is the best way to minimize EMF exposure while traveling. Many people who suffer from EHS claim that these blankets have drastically reduced, if not eliminated, their electromagnetic sensitivities. They can also be incredibly helpful for pregnant women because it protects their growing embryo from harmful RF radiation.

Whether you want to be cozy and warm or use it as a sleeping bag, an ultra-soft blanket with OEKO-TEX certified outer materials is sure to leave you feeling safe, snug, and comfortable. This blanket is lab tested to block over 99% of RF radiation while keeping you insulated and protected.

It can be difficult to minimize EMF exposure while on a plane because it’s so close and small, but there are still things you can do. Putting your phone on airplane mode, sitting away from the cockpit, and bringing an anti-radiation pillow are all great ways to help reduce your EMF exposure while traveling.

2. Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The blue light emitted from your phone, tablet or computer can disrupt your sleep cycle and lead to fatigue, headaches and a weak immune system. These glasses block out the harmful blue light and allow you to rest more easily on long flights.

Airplanes are full of EMF radiation sources including the cockpit and communications equipment, jet engines, electrical wiring and sensors, static electricity in the fuselage, WiFi and other passengers’ devices. It’s also important to stay away from dirty electricity sources like power lines and cell towers when possible.

If you do need to use your phone on a plane, make sure it is on speaker and not held up against your ear. This helps keep the EMF waves from entering your body and may reduce your risk for cancer. You can also try using earbuds that are insulated and have a built-in blue light filter. They are compact and easy to carry in your travel bag or purse.

3. Bring an EMF Meter

EMF meters detect electromagnetic radiation, both natural and man-made. They also help you find sources of EMFs like power lines and cell phone towers. They are super affordable and easy to use. They typically have a single-axis energy sensor, so they only measure in one direction.

Whether you are concerned about long-term exposure to high frequency signals or simply want to protect yourself while traveling, an EMF meter is a great tool to have on hand. They are easy to use and relatively inexpensive, allowing you to easily check your surroundings while staying in hotels, airbnbs, or on-the-road.

EMF meters can be used to test for alternating current (the type of electricity that surges through your microwaves and TV) or magnetic fields caused by bad electrical wiring. They can also be used to test for radio frequencies caused by WiFi routers or anything that is wirelessly connected. Most EMF meters will “pulse” as they detect the electromagnetic radiation, so it is important to hold them away from your body.

4. Unplug Your Devices

Unplugging your devices helps eliminate EMF radiation and allows you to fully enjoy your vacation. Cellphones, tablets and laptops emit radiation when they’re plugged in, but they also use energy even when they aren’t turned on. This hidden current can cause electronics to overheat and create fire hazards.

When you’re on vacation, it’s tempting to use your devices for work or to binge-watch a new show. However, using your devices while you’re away can expose you to EMFs and lead to stress and sleep disturbances.

If you do need to use your laptop, try to keep it away from your lap. Additionally, choose to use a wired mouse and keyboard for your computer instead of wireless ones. Ethernet cables are safer and provide a low-EMF connection to your laptop.

5. Bring an EMF-Free Headphones

EMF radiation from cellphones and other electronic devices can be absorbed through the ears. Bringing an EMF-free headphones can help reduce this exposure.

This device plugs into your existing earbuds and filters out all the radio frequency emissions, leaving only sound waves. It also has a volume control and microphone, so you can still answer calls. It’s lightweight and easy to store in your carry-on bag.

Using speakerphone and placing the phone 2-4 inches away from your head is another great way to minimize your exposure to EMFs. You can also use an EMF protection holster to keep your phone safely secured in your bag.

6. Stay Away from Power Lines

Energized power lines are dangerous, even at a distance. If you encounter a downed line, assume it is still energized and keep yourself at least 35 feet away from the vehicle or area until first responders or Oncor workers say it is safe to approach.

You can also protect yourself while traveling by avoiding staying at accommodations located close to EMF sources like cell phone towers and electrical plants. Instead, look for accommodations with more green space and less pollution to help reduce your exposure to EMF radiation.

Another EMF blocker is to remove your smart meter at home and travel with a hard-wire hack that eliminates wireless signals from the device to reduce the amount of EMF radiation you absorb. You can also wear protective clothing made from silver fiber, such as EMF-blocking hats, ponchos and scarves. These are great for keeping your head protected from EMF radiation during a long haul flight.

7. Use Healing Crystals

When EMF radiation is emitted from your cell phone tower, it has an invisible magnetic field that reflects off of your body. By staying at least a few feet away from the antenna, you can reduce your risk of exposure by up to 80%.

Aside from cellular towers, you may also be exposed to EMFs from jet engines, electrical wiring and computers. Taking precautions like turning off your laptop, unplugging your devices and using the airplane’s speaker phone can help to lower the amount of EMF radiation you are exposed to while flying.

Other sources of EMFs include power lines, dimmer switches and old or poorly done wiring. If you are concerned about EMFs in your home, consider getting an EMF assessment by a professional. Then, you can take measures to minimize your exposure, such as buying EMF shielding paint. This helps to create an effective barrier between your family and the EMFs around you.

8. Stay Away from Cell Phone Towers

Consistent EMF radiation exposure can cause sleep disruption, hormone problems, immune system issues, and possibly even cancer. Putting some distance between you and the source of the EMF radiation will drastically reduce your exposure! This is why it’s important to use the speaker phone on your cell phone, wear corded headphones when talking on your phone, and keep your laptop a good two feet away from your lap.

Cellular signals have a hard time penetrating natural barriers such as mountains, hills, and buildings. This is why it’s best to stay away from these types of places when possible.

While traveling, you’ll likely be in proximity to a variety of sources of EMF radiation. The good news is that by following these simple tips, you can minimize your exposure to this harmful radiation and help ensure a balanced and healthy trip!