About Us

The present reality in the country is that we are facing a time of increased party polarization. Due to internal cohesion concerning policies and issues within political parties, the ideological gap between the parties has continued to widen. What some may not realize is that a one-party system can have serious, negative consequences, and we cannot just afford to stand on the sidelines.

This website is dedicated to enhancing public information about political parties and the crucial role that they play in sustaining modern democracy. Our site includes blogs focused on knowledge and resource sharing to expand the knowledge of the public and encourage the participation of the marginalized groups to make meaningful choices and support political parties. We also facilitate healthy conversation and constructive engagement between various political parties and other institutions.

Our organization would like to articulate our belief that political parties are critical hallmarks of a democratic government. In a broad sense, these parties stand for a specific view, represents groups and individuals and help provide an avenue for accountability in the government. They are necessary to maintain check and balance as well as reinforce fair and honest governance.

Representation of Different Groups of Interests

Inclusiveness is an essential institution for a healthy and resilient government. Political parties are in the key position to safeguard and uphold inclusiveness in the government.

The fundamental purpose of these political parties involves nomination of candidates to run for public offices as well as to get as many of them to be elected as possible. They may represent the interests of certain groups – teachers, small business owners and entrepreneurs, farmers, among others. Political parties help structure the competition and make it easier for voters to choose among the scores of candidates.

Political parties serve important governmental purposes. And, when people join and support political parties, they are demonstrating and asserting their intrinsic democratic rights.